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Hauenstein Agency, Inc. understands that moving out is a huge undertaking and there are many items on the to-do list. Because of this we would like to review with you a few items that we don’t want you to overlook when cleaning the unit in preparation for the new tenant.

Be sure to clean all your appliances, both their interiors and exteriors thoroughly including: the stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer, dryer and microwave, when applicable. The stovetop should be cleaned in and around the pans/rings. If necessary, replace the dirty drip pans/rings. The inside of the oven, including the racks themselves and the inside of the door should be cleaned with oven cleaner if applicable and all residues removed. Lastly, the inside of the bottom drawer should be pulled out and cleaned along with underneath the stove. Cleaning a stove properly can take up to 2-3 hours of labor, sometimes even soaking it overnight, which will be charged to a tenant if not done properly before moving out.

The refrigerator should be thoroughly wiped down including underneath any drawers. It should be free of food and of any food spills. Vents should be clear of dust and debris so that the refrigerator runs properly. Coils on the back should be vacuumed. The floor underneath the refrigerator should also be cleaned. Please note that you should not unplug your refrigerator. The temperature control knob should be set no lower than 2. If you do unplug the refrigerator at the time of vacancy, you should leave the refrigerator door open to avoid mold growth.

In the bathroom, please be sure that all soap scum and mildew is removed from the tub/shower walls and all faucets have had mineral build up removed. The toilets should be free of scum and rings removed.

All carpets shall be cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company upon vacating the property. The tenant shall submit a paid receipt to the owner/agency at the same time the tenant returns the rental keys as confirmation that the carpets have been professionally cleaned. If a carpet receipt is not received at the time of key return, the owner or agency will have the carpets professionally cleaned and the fee for doing so reduced from the tenants security deposit.

By taking care of these few items and making sure the entire unit is clean and in move-in condition before your move out, you can ensure a smooth transition from one tenant to the next and so as not to be charged for a cleaning bill. Any questions or concerns may be addressed by contacting the Hauenstein Agency, Inc. office at 717-733-4158.

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Move Out Checklist

Carefully and completely clean the entire apartment, to be ready for the next tenant to move in. Owner/Manager will return the security deposit to Tenant provided that ALL of the following are true:
Clean and Repaired
The entire Premises including all appliances, bathroom, closets, walls, baseboards, fans, fixtures, switch plates, doorknobs including areas around them, entrance doors (inside and outside), windows and sills, heating/cooling vents, blinds and cabinets are clean and in good order and repair. Reasonable wear and tear will be determined by Hauenstein Agency, Inc.
Vacuum or Clean Carpets
Upon vacating all carpets must be vacuumed if there are any soiled or stained carpets you must shampoo or have done by a Professional. If shampooing the carpets yourself use only a bleach free product/carpet safe that is recommended by the provider. If carpet is soiled or stained at move out, Owner/Manager will proceed, have the carpets professionally cleaned and deduct this amount from Tenant’s security deposit or bill you directly for this service.
Bulbs & Batteries
Tenant has replaced all burned out light bulbs and dead batteries in smoke detectors.
Get Your Stuff
Remove ALL personal belongings including clothes hangers and cleaning supplies from the apartment.
Dispose of Trash
Place all trash in proper containers and remove to designated area. The recycling bin (if applicable) stays in apartment. Be sure all windows and doors are closed.
Finalize Account
Tenant has paid all rent and other costs and expenses (including all late charges) for the full term of the Lease.
Utilities & Services
Tenant has paid for all utilities and services through the end of the Lease term that are tenant responsibility, and has provided a forwarding address to the utility and service companies.
Return Keys
Tenant has returned all keys (including all doors, garage and garage door openers, where applicable and or mailbox keys) to the Premises to Manager’s office by midnight of the Tenant’s Lease expiration date. If keys are not returned by the deadline, in addition to all other amounts, Tenant will pay a $20.00 charge for the mailbox key and a $50.00 charge for each door key.
Written Notice
Tenant has provided Manager with written notice of Tenant’s new mailing address where the security deposit can be returned. This address must be provided to Manager in writing, by the date of expiration of the Lease and Tenant’s return of keys to the Premises to Manager.

Ways you can lose your security deposit

The following is a list of items that are looked at when you move out to determine whether or not you will receive all or some of your security deposit back. These are examples, but not limited to:
  • Did not fulfill lease term
  • Written notice not properly given
  • Property not properly cleaned
  • Burned out light bulbs not replaced
  • Smoke detectors missing working batteries
  • Unpaid rent, late charges, utility bills, bad check fees, eviction fees, etc.
  • Leaving oil tank(s) empty
  • Failure to return all keys to the office
  • Failure to provide a forwarding address
  • Changes made to the property without written consent
  • Items/appliances supplied and missing from property
  • Damage done to the property or any contents within the property
  • Unpaid fines/citations relating to township/borough ordinances not complied with
  • Not maintaining yard work until the lease term is up
  • Unauthorized pets in the property
  • Smoking in a non-smoking property
  • Personal belongings/trash left behind in the property
  • Failure to maintain renter’s insurance
  • Unpaid bills for illegitimate service requests
  • Kitchen areas that are left unclean including appliances, sinks, walls, floors, windows, etc.
  • Bathroom areas that are left unclean including sinks, bathtubs, toilets, walls, floors, windows, fans etc.
  • Garages left unclean and garbage left behind
  • Bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms left unclean including walls, windows, floors etc.
  • Dirty carpeting that exceeds normal wear and tear
  • Carpeting that needs replaced due to excessive dirt
  • Curtains, mini-blinds and window treatments that are broken or missing
  • Walls that were recently painted that need repainted, touched up or repaired

Typically we require a 30 Day Notice to vacate a property…

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